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With a few days left of the special offer on the international bestselling Kindle edition of Sasha's life story, (ends on Nov 22nd), here are two recent reviews received in the USA for the book.
5 stars Five Stars
By pauline kavanagh on November 8, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great determination
5.0 out of 5 stars Mr Porter writes with such love and compassion that you feel like you are right ...
By v tucker on October 22, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
At times I was afraid to turn the page. Mr Porter writes with such love and compassion that you feel like you are right there in the same room as both Sasha and him.
Don't miss this great offer at SASHA 
Winner of The Preditors & Editors Readers Poll Award for Best Nonfiction Book 2016
Top ten finalist, The Best Indie Books of 2016
SASHA is the story of a very remarkable dog: a Staffordshire Bull Terrier abandoned close to death at the age of 6 weeks old. Rescued from a street gutter, she had the good fortune to be adopted by author Brian L. Porter and his family.
Despite suffering from a catalogue of injuries, including two broken legs and skin allergies, and eventually being diagnosed as a serious epileptic at just two years old, Sasha's story is one of triumph over adversity; of love, happiness and inspiration. Her love of life and capacity for enjoying every day to the fullest is nothing short of miraculous, and her story is told here by the person who shares every moment of her life on a daily basis, and how a disabled author and his dog have become dependent on each other.
It is a story that has already touched many who have come into contact with her, from vets to nurses and a whole host of followers on her own Facebook page. Read her story and join them in sharing in the life of an amazing and very special dog!

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As well as Sheba's book, A Mersey Mariner is also in the running for the Best Indie Book Awards, in the Mystery/Thriller section. If you have a minute to spare please vote for A Mersey Mariner at
Just tick the box next to the book title then enter your name and email address and submit. If you have a second email address you can vote again. If you haven't voted for Sheba yet, please add a vote in the 'Others' section at

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Sheba's life story, Sheba: From Hell to Happiness, is in the final of the voting for the Top 50 Best Indie Books of 2017. Her story has touched the hearts of so many people, telling of her early life as a bait dog for dog fighters, then being thrown on a rubbish tip, a living skeleton and left to die, and finally being rescued and brought back to health and happiness in the love and warmth of our family. Her book has done so much to encourage people to see staffies in a better light and to encourage people to adopt rescue dogs.
It only takes a minute to place your vote for Sheba. (It's in the 'Others' section.
just go to and put a tick in the box next to Sheba and enter your name and email address. If you have a second email address you can use another name and vote a second time.
(Voting closes 4th December) It would be lovely to celebrate Sheba's 12th birthday in December if she could do well in the voting.

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With Christmas just around the corner, it's nice to receive a new 5 star review for my Christmas short story book, A Millionaire's Christmas, which was specially commissioned for a magazine's special Christmas edition some years ago. Available in Kindle version only and only 99p in the UK and less than a dollar in the USA.5.0 out of 5 stars A special Christmas miracle.
By HZ on 16 November 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Aristedes Miklos is dying. No doubt about it. He knows he has an inoperable brain tumour, and nobody can help him. That is, until he is visited by a strange doctor, a newcomer to the hospital, where he lies on Christmas Eve seeing the days his youth in his mind’s eye. The doctor brings with him a young boy, Christos, also apparently terminally ill, who somehow reminds the old man of himself in his own younger days. And there we have a recipe for a very special Christmas miracle, one that will bring a smile to your face, as good Christmas stories should do.
Told in a really intriguing short story, A Millionaire’s Christmas is a brilliant and unusual Christmas tale, thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.
A dying man and a sick young boy are about to experience the miracle of Christmas.
On a snowy Christmas Eve, Aristedes Miklos lies in his hospital bed, dying from an inoperable brain tumor. His mind takes him back to his youth and his life plays out before him in a string of mental cameos. Suddenly, the door to his hospital room opens and a strange doctor enters. When the doctor speaks to him, Aristedes is at first confused, then comforted by his words. Soon they are joined by a young boy who is dying, like him. Before he can find out more, the doctor and the boy are gone, and Aristedes is left with nothing but their memory.
When everyone at the hospital later denies the existence of the strange doctor, Aristedes begins to realize that he has been cast to play a very special role in the life of young Christos. For one dying man and a very sick young boy, the miracle of Christmas is about to unfold.

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My two nominations in The Best Indie Books 2017 awards have both reached the second voting stage.This will whittle the entries down to the final 50 best books of the year. PLEASE vote for A MERSEY MARINER in the Mystery/Thriller category and for SHEBA: FROM HELL TO HAPPINESS in the 'Others' category. You are entitled to two voted per category so if you have two email addresses you could vote twice for each book.
PLEASE go to the link below for the Others section at
and go to the Mystery/Thriller section at  to vote for A Mersey Maiden. Every vote counts, as last years awards attracted thousands of votes, worldwide.

PLEASE share with your friends and groups and help spread the word if you'd like to see the books included in the Top 50 Best Indie Books of 2017
I hope all my friends and readers will help to make it a successful year for my books in this important and prestigious award.
Thank you all

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My thanks go to author Nick Sweet for his great 5 star review of book three of my Mersey Mystery Series, A Mersey Maiden. Nick is currently unable to post his review on Amazon so has sent it to me, and he will add it there eventually

With A MERSEY MAIDEN, Brian Porter serves up an excellent police procedural. Porter is excellent on detail, as we see in his description of an autopsy, and the plot slowly rolls out in a way that only happens when it’s engineered by a skilful writer who’s in control of his materials. The style is also clear and eaaablesy to read. So far as the plot is concerned, gifted cricketer, Aaron Decker, who’s made the switch from baseball, which he played in his native America, is found dead in bed next to his girlfriend Sally Metcalf. Both have been drugged, but Sally comes round to find her boyfriend dead. Or at least, that’s her version of events, but she is nevertheless a suspect. The plot thickens when we learn that Aaron had been researching a project that Aegis Oceanographic, the company that is sponsoring his girlfriend Sally through university, is involved in. Did Aaron find something he shouldn’t have, and did the company then take the ultimate form of lethal action to prevent him from revealing this information? No spoilers here, but suffice to say Brian Porter has written a highly readable whodunnit here and that’s well worth 5 stars.
See more at A Mersey Maiden
Available in Kindle and paperback and please see the rest of the series at The Mersey Mysteries
A Mersey Maiden
A peaceful cricket match on a warm summer’s day turns to murder and mystery, as the star player Aaron Decker lies dead in his bed, his girlfriend sleeping soundly beside him.

The case takes on a new twist with links to the disappearance of a German U-Boat and a British warship in 1945. With the mysterious Aegis Institute hovering in the background of the investigation, D.I Andy Ross and his team find themselves in their most complex case to date.

With events in Britain, Germany, the U.S.A and a secret submarine base in Canada all involved, Ross and his team need to work together with international law enforcement agencies and a respected German historian to not only solve the murder of Aaron Decker, but the strange case of U3000's last voyage.

Follow the Mersey Mysteries on Facebook at The Mersey Mysteries
The Mersey Mysteries

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We are very grateful to Emma Turner at Facebook Group, Belle, Fee, Antonio & Friends for giving a special award to Sasha (and me), for helping to raise awareness and helping owners with dogs with canine epilepsy. Here's Sasha proudly showing off her lovely SPECIAL rosette. Thank you Emma and everyone at Belle, Fee, Antonio and Friends!

Sasha and I would like to say a big thank you to all those on Facebook who have sent us your 
congratulations and good wishes. It's lovely to know that the work Sasha and I do in trying to help other epi-dog owners is appreciated. It doesn't have to be an Oscar type award, it's the thought behind this special rosette that means such a lot to me. 

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A terrific article about my mystery thriller Glastonbury, on the Italian literary blog of CP Traduzioni, and written by the book's Italian translator Ilaria Igieni, who has kindly provided me with an English Translation of the original article which is available to view at cptraduzioni

Glastonbury, an English mystery with  an insistent rhythm

Imagine a pale moon night in the English countryside, five men moving across a marshy field to bury some mysterious lead-lined boxes.

Then imagine an historical town in Somerset, where the ghosts of Arthurian legends hover around, and an annoying rain that has been pouring for days, preventing the main characters from getting their job done; that is to say, digging around in the surrounding countryside searching for an ancient and legendary artifact.

You'll get chills ̶ not only because of the mists swirling around Glastonbury Tor...

An ancient secret lies in the shadows of Glastonbury Tor

These are the preconditions for an engaging mystery novel full of plot twists. After millionaire Malcolm Capshaw hires Joe Cutler and his team to search for a fabled artifact, they enter a maze of lies, murder and betrayal.

The real purpose of their search is soon exposed, as an old London crime family displays an unusual interest in an ancient town where Christianity laid its roots in England.

There, aided by the enigmatic Professor Lucius Doberman, Joe and his team must solve the mystery of Glastonbury before the sinister historian Walter Graves makes the discovery that could cost him and the whole team their lives.

A simple, enjoyable and surprising reading: the reviewers' opinions

Glastonbury, the mystery novel by bestseller author Brian L Porter, has been receiving some terrific reviews on from 2014 onwards; and this year even the Italian version has had its successful debut on
One of the reviews says it's “a beautiful, engaging novel shrouded in mystey, […] with a vortex of surprises and plot twists which make this book a real page-turner.

A reader talk about it as “a simple but enjoyable book”; another one enthusiastically affirms that “the plot is amazing, rich in coups de théâtre, original and not at all predictable”, and then she adds that “the novel is a fluid and quite light reading, and therefore it's extremely pleasant”.

Translating Glastonbury in order to make “friends”

As the translator of Glastonbury, I can just say that I had the time of my life. Describing the magical places and atmospheres was an easy job, because when I was 16 years old I visited the town of Glastonbury,  the quivering curiosity typical of teens, and my head filled with myths and legends.

A suggestive picture of Glastonbury Tor. Font:

The characters surely required the most accurate and contemplated work, especially attempting to convey the peculiarities of everyone's own style: Winston's slang and humour, Professor Lucius Doberman's flamboyant and refined speech (my favourite one!), the obscene language of the London underworld.

I almost feel like I once knew them all in person, as if they were my friends unfortunately just for a few months, and then they left me for new adventures.

You can find the Italian version of Glastonbury on Amazon (Kindle and paperback), Google Books, Mondadori and other important digital platforms.

Brian, Harry or Juan Pablo?

Brian L Porter is surely a versatile author: in fact he has written novels, poetry and children books under three different names.

As Juan Pablo Jalisco he composed the romantic poetry collection Of Aztecs and Conquistadors; as Harry Porter he wrote two children's books and a young adults/teens adventure story; and finally, many other works, such as novels, poetry and short stories, all carry the Brian L Porter name.

Brian L Porter and his 'Miracle Dog' Sasha

Among all his works, I always like to remember a particular one, which reveals the generous and refined spirit of its author: Sasha, a touching true story about one of the rescue dogs adopted by the Porters; winner of the Preditors & Editors Award in 2016 and a real “climber” of Amazon Top Tens in its category all around the world, Sasha tells about the life of an unfortunate female dog, who faces every adversity with an incredible strenght, a lust for life and her permanently wagging tail, which is already become her most distinctive feature. Well, a very good example for all of us.

Italian edition Glastonbury, Italian
English edition Glastonbury, English

Ilaria Igieni for CP Traduzioni

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Great to see Sharing Hamilton receive its second 5 star review of the day, this one from the USA, to add to the UK review received earlier. Thanks to reader GoodBookLuva, who not only gave the book 5 stars, but it appears she has also bought two of my Mersey Mysteries. Dr. Severus Black must have made quite an impression on her!
5.0 out of 5 stars Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton got embroiled in a steamy love affair with the beautiful Maria Reynolds after her con ...
By GoodBookLuva on October 31, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Pre-ordered this last week and read it in 2 sittings only because I had to recharge the battery. In Philadelphia which was then the nation's capital, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton got embroiled in a steamy love affair with the beautiful Maria Reynolds after her conartist husband James set her up to blackmail Hamilton--but no one, least of all Hamilton, expected him and Maria to fall madly in love.
This became The Reynolds Affair, the USA's first sex scandal.
Hamilton went public with the affair rather than let Congress and his idol, President Washington, believe he was pilfering treasury funds.
(He was honest with the country's money, if not with his wife, who was publicly humiliated).
A few historical twists: Maria became pregnant, and her daughter Susan resembled Hamilton so closely there was little question that he was the father. She divorced James and married the charming wealthy Jacob Clingman 10 minutes after getting the divorce papers from her lawyer Aaron Burr.
She ran into Hamilton on the street many years later, and planned to meet again in a few days so he could meet Susan. But before that week was out, she got the shocking news that Hamilton died after a duel with Aaron Burr.
That's what actually happened. The fictional part is the British serial killer Dr. Severus Black, who was murdering young girls like Jack the Ripper did 100 years later.
There's no epilogue that says he's Jack's ancestor, but ending,
without Black getting caught, left it wide open for a series starring him. I hope that's what the authors are planning, hint hint...
I've read several of Diana Rubino's books, but none of Brian Porter's yet, so I just ordered two of his Mersey mysteries.
Once again Diana did her historical homework extremely well. Now that Hamilton is a household name thanks to the musical, you can now learn what really happened in his sordid private life. A great read.
See the book at SHARING HAMILTON Currently available in Kindle edition, with paperback to follow very soon. Also FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
If you don't have a Kindle you can still read Kindle books by downloading the FREE Kindle app from any Amazon book page and then downloading books to any device.


Co-written by bestselling UK thriller writer, Brian L Porter and successful US historical romance author Diana Rubino, Sharing Hamilton is available now, from 30th October, in Kindle edition, The paperback version will follow very soon.
Philadelphia, 1791. James and Maria Reynolds are flat broke. Well aware of the attraction between his wife and Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, James hatches a plan to blackmail Alexander and get rich - and sends Maria to seduce him.
Meanwhile, the mysterious Dr. Severus Black befriends the Hamiltons and becomes a close confidant of Alexander's wife, Eliza. While Mrs. Hamilton grows fond of the handsome doctor, she also senses something different about the debonair young man.
Meanwhile, a vicious serial killer is stalking the city by night. As Hamilton's affair with Maria runs headlong towards personal and professional catastrophe, the constables of Philadelphia draw a net around the apparently deranged killer of young serving girls.
But what connection could Dr. Black have with the murders, which a hundred years later would be mirrored in his own country... by none other than Jack the Ripper?
In 'Sharing Hamilton', historical romance author Diana Rubino and award-winning thriller writer Brian L. Porter uniquely blend the mystery and romance genres, based on the true story of the Hamilton affair with the added spice of a serial killer stalking the streets of USA's first capital city.
on 31 October 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

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I'm delighted to have yet another 5 star review for my Victorian Murder Mystery, Behind Closed Doors. Big thank you to reader Broadway Turk Superstar, aka author, 
5.0 out of 5 stars Railway To Hell?
By Broadway Turk Superstar on October 26, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Behind Closed Doors by Brian L. Porter is another of the author’s suspense-charged mystery novels, taking us to London at the turn of the century during Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror. Inspector Albert Norris is assigned by his superior, Chief Inspector Joshua Madden, to investigate a series of murders that closely resembles those of the maniacal Ripper in the Whitechapel area of London. Only these killings are being perpetrated along the Metropolitan Railway network, and Norris begins to suspect a copycat slayer at large. While following clues leading to the director of the railway, Laurence Bellhaven, he gets pushback from unlikely sources including Madden himself. Is it a cover-up, coincidence, or possibly a connection to the notorious Ripper across a new hunting ground?

The legend of Jack the Ripper greatly enhances the atmosphere of this cozy mystery. No wonder as Porter has been acclaimed for previous works on the legendary serial killer. His authority on the subject lends itself to the authenticity of the storyline and keeps us guessing as we try to separate facts from speculation throughout. As his readers are aware, the author always brings the British community to life with masterful storytelling. This is another for his audience’s collection as well as a worthy starting point for new readers. Behind Closed Doors by Brian L. Porter is a great read for mystery lovers of all ages.
Available in Kindle and paperback editions and FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
Also available in Italian and Spanish translated editions.

Italian edition
Spanish edition

Link to Italian edition A Porte Chiuse
Link to Spanish edition Tras las puertas cerradas

While the population of fog-shrouded London is horrified by Jack the Ripper's murder spree, another, less publicized killer is at large.
Tucked away on the inner pages of the daily press, a few articles tell of the strange murders on board the carriages of the London Metropolitan Railway. Each murder takes place right after the Ripper killings, as the murderer appears to be taking advantage of the lack of police resources to tackle two major investigations simultaneously.
Inspector Albert Norris is charged with bringing the railway killer to justice, but clues are few and the killer's motive unclear. Norris has to carry out his investigation 'quietly and without causing a public panic', as the authorities try to maintain confidence in the railway system's safety. The press knows even less, and Norris can count on little help from above as he attempts to solve the inexplicable series of murders.

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Sasha loves taking her eleven morning tablets, in smooth liver pate. Petal doesn't need any tablets but she knows if she stays close to Sasha she will get a taste of pate, yummy 



I recently did an interview based on the success of my Italian language books, for Susie Ballinger of Book Reviews and more. Please take a look at the interview at Book Reviews and Much More

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My latest release, the co-authored Sharing Hamilton, with U.S. author Diana Rubino is now available to pre-order on Kindle, ahead of the official release date of 30th October. Order now and you won't be charged until the book is delivered to your device. The paperback edition will closely follow the Kindle release.
PRE-ORDER FROM Sharing Hamilton
This universal link will take you to your nearest Amazon website anywhere in the world.
Philadelphia, 1791. James and Maria Reynolds are flat broke. Well aware of the attraction between his wife and Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, James hatches a plan to blackmail Alexander and get rich - and sends Maria to seduce him.
Meanwhile, the mysterious Dr. Severus Black befriends the Hamiltons and becomes a close confidant of Alexander’s wife, Eliza. While Mrs. Hamilton grows fond of the handsome doctor, she also senses something different about the debonair young man.
Meanwhile, a vicious serial killer is stalking the city by night. As Hamilton’s affair with Maria runs headlong towards personal and professional catastrophe, the constables of Philadelphia draw a net around the emerged killer of young serving girls.
But what connection could Dr. Black have with the murders, which a hundred years later would be mirrored in his own country... by none other than Jack the Ripper?
In 'Sharing Hamilton', historical romance author Diana Rubino and award-winning thriller writer Brian L. Porter uniquely blend the mystery and romance genres, based on the true story of the Hamilton affair with the added spice of a serial killer stalking the streets of USA's first capital city. 

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When my short story collection, After Armageddon was released in an Italian language translated edition, Dopo l'Armageddon e altri racconti (Italian Edition) 

 it took me and my publisher totally by surprise when, in its first week on release in Italy, it went to #1 in the Amazon bestselling rankings for short story anthologies. This followed on from the book hitting the top of the charts in both the UK and USA, thus making After Armageddon a truly international bestseller.

This was in fact my second Italian bestseller as Sasha had already topped the rankings in it's English edition, on Quite remarkable really!

Recently I was approached by Elisabetta De Martino, the translator of the original English version of the book with a request for me to do an interview for her literary blog, Penne in libertà. I was happy oblige and the interview has now appeared on her site at

Elisabetta has published the interview in English, and on visiting the site, it is possible to have the whole site translated to English as well. Though you can click the link above to visit her blog, I have also copied the full interview below for anyone who would like to read it.

After Armageddon can be found at After Armageddon a universal link that will take you to your local Amazon website. Italian readers can see the translated edition at Dopo L'Armageddon and for Italian language readers around the world the universal link is
Individual stories in the collection


Ecco a voi l’intervista con Brian L. Porter, autore di Dopo l’Armageddon

publicity pics 027.jpg
Brian, what do you do in your life apart from writing?
Well, when I’m not writing, most of my activities are centred around our ten rescue dogs, especially caring for my epileptic dog, Sasha, the subject of my international award winning book, Sasha, which has been a #1 Amazon bestseller in the UK, Australia and in Italy, which was surprising for an English language book. The book has also been in the Top Ten on Amazon in Canada, France and Germany too. My wife, Juliet and I are avid dog rescuers and currently share our lives with ten beautiful dogs who share our home and our lives. After the success of Sasha’s story, I wrote a sequel, Sheba: From Hell to Happiness, detailing the life of Sheba, another of our rescues, and Sasha best friend which became an Amazon UK #1 bestseller on the day it went on preorder.
The rest of my time tends to be devoted to research for future books, most importantly for my successful Mersey Mystery Series, which is proving very popular. Set in my home town of Liverpool, it’s important to me that the factual content present in all my novels, in accurate and up to date and I work closely with my researcher Debbie Poole in Liverpool to achieve the necessary realism and accuracy my novels deserve.
How many books have you written already?
Including translated editions, I currently have 31 published works listed at Amazon UK as Brian L Porter. In addition I have three children’s/young adult books listed under the Harry Porter name plus one collection of romantic poetry published as Juan Pablo Jalisco, (also an Amazon #1 bestseller in the USA and UK). The majority of those books are my thrillers/mysteries, with of course, my short story collection, After Armageddon, a #1 bestseller in the USA and UK and also in Italy in its translated edition.
How did you start writing? Have you been encouraged by someone?
First of all, I’ve always been an avid reader, from being a young boy at junior school. I’d never entertained any thoughts of becoming a writer, however, until, some years ago I suffered a nervous breakdown which, together with a heart problem, meant I could no longer continue my career in business management. A friend suggested writing as a form of therapy, and so, encouraged by Isobel, I began slowly, writing poetry to begin with. I was quite successful as a poet and eventually had over 200 poems published, mostly in poetry anthologies and online magazines. I then saw an advertisement in my local library for a short story contest so I thought I’d try my hand at writing an entry. Although my story didn’t win the contest, I had caught the writing ‘bug’ and continued to write a number of successful short stories many of which were published in various anthologies, much like my poetry.
It was my son, Alan, who eventually encouraged me to try writing a full length novel. I gave it a go, and was delighted when my debut work, A Study in Red, The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper was accepted for publication by Canadian Publisher, Double Dragon Publishing. I have not looked back since that day and have gone on to become a fairly successful author, with a dozen Amazon bestsellers to my name, always encouraged by my current publisher, Miika Hanila at Creativia Publishing, in Finland. One constant during my early novel writing days was the support and encouragement I received from my wonderful mother, Enid Ann Porter, who was always ‘on my side’ always pushing me to do better and who picked me up when I felt down or my ideas had dried up and I felt like giving up. Sadly, my Mum died at the age of almost 91, just before my books really began to take off. I know she’d be proud to see how well my books have succeeded and most of my books carried a dedication to my dear mother.
Do you have any particular habits when writing?
My only habit is the fact that I like to be in total silence while I write. Some authors I know like to have music playing in the background or even have the TV switched on, playing in the background, but for me, the only way to maintain absolute concentration is by being surrounded by a wall of silence to enable me to maintain total focus on my work.
 Which writers have influenced you the most?
Number one on this list has to be Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the Sherlock Holmes stories. As a young boy, I became enthralled, first of all with the story of The Hound of the Baskervilles, and in the coming years I went on to read all of his Sherlock Holmes stories, both long and short, as well as Conan Doyle’s prodigious number of non-Holmes related short stories. I’m sure, even today, that many people only think of Conan Doyle as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, and don’t realise he actually wrote hundreds of wonderful short stories. I can thoroughly recommend them.
I’ve also been greatly influenced by the books of Clive Cussler, for me, the father of the modern adventure novel. I can read his books over and over again, and never get bored when revisiting one I’ve previously re, kind of like visiting an old friend.
In writing my murder mysteries, I was also influenced by the works of the late, great Ed McBain. His 87th Precinct crime thrillers never ceased to entertain me, and many of them still hold pride of place on my bookshelves at home, I see him as the grandmaster of crime fiction.
Finally, I have always been influenced by the style and content of the medical thrillers of U.S. author Tess Gerritsen.  I actually contacted Tess while I was writing my first novel and she was wonderfully encouraging to me, an unknown author, an I was delighted when she sent me a ‘good luck’ message to be included on the cover of A Study in Red. Not just a great writer, but a real lady too!
Apart from writing, what form of art do you like the most?
Definitely cinema. I love watching movies, particularly older, classic movies from the 1940s and 50s. Some of those films managed to create some superb special effects without the modern day benefit of Computer Generated Imagery, (C.G.I.).  In particular, I loved the superb effects created by the great Ray Harryhausen for the old Voyage of Sinbad and Jason and the Argonauts etc. I loved the old musicals too, such as Singing in the Rain, with Gene Kelly. Slightly more modern, but I loved films like The Great Escape with Steve McQueen, and a stellar cast of great actors and from the modern crop of movies, I love the work that went into the producing of Independence Day.
What themes are you interested in and what themes do you like writing about?
Anyone who has read my After Armageddon collection of short stories will probably have guessed that my tastes are quite eclectic. I enjoy thrillers, mysteries, science-fiction and good old-fashioned adventure stories. When it comes to my novel writing though, I stick to writing what I do best, which is of course thrillers and murder/mysteries. My true-life dog rescue books were totally different of course and extremely personal ventures, which I thoroughly loved writing and seeing my wonderful rescue dogs receive the exposure they deserved.
We know that you care for dogs, what is it you love most about them?
Dogs have a seemingly endless capacity for giving their unconditional love and loyalty to their owners, in return for so little. All they ask for is a good meal, a warm place to sleep and a little love and affection, and they will truly become the best friend a man (or woman) could wish for. I will never understand the way some people can be cruel towards, or abuse these wonderful, intelligent animals that are capable of bringing so much pleasure into their owner’s lives.
My wife Juliet and I currently own ten beautiful rescue dogs, of varying breeds who bring joy and happiness to our lives every single day. All of them share our home, our lives and our affection. Some of them went through terrible abuse or neglect before coming to us, and yet their capacity for love and loyalty was undiminished and they quickly responded to the love and care we gave them from their first days with us, and all have become valued and well behaved members of our canine ‘family’. We truly would not want to be without any of them.
You co-operate with ThunderBall Films. Can you tell us more about your work with them?
I was first approached by the CEO of ThunderBall Films, Mario Domina, some years ago. He wanted to buy the rights to adapt my book, A Study in Red, The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper, into a movie. As our working relationship grew, we became good friends and Mario read and enjoyed more of my books, until he finally told me he felt my books were written as if for movie or TV adaptation, they were so ‘visual’ to use his description. As a result he signed the rest of my novels to a franchise deal and also asked me to become a screenwriter for ThunderBall. I’m currently working on a screenplay for them based on a true story of demonic possession, written by a U.S. author and entitled The Devil Called Collect.
Which story from After Armageddon are you most fond of, and why?
Although I like them all (I wrote them, after all), I think my joint favourites would be The Voice of Anton Bouchard, and Toxic Bitch. The Voice of Anton Bouchard is novelette length and is set in Paris during a very hot, steamy Paris summer. A serial killer is at loose in the city, striking at young women in the dead of night. The story is told from the perception of the chief of police, Anton Bouchard, and I can guarantee readers they will be faced with not just one, but two surprise twists in this tale.
Toxic Bitch was originally commissioned by the now defunct Sonar 4 Publishing and first appeared in their anthology, Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror, in 2011. It’s a salutary tale, a warning of what may become of mankind and our planet if we continue to pollute and defile the environment. Some people have described it as a very, very scary story, and others have called it a lesson in how to destroy the world. When I was writing it, I just thought it was a good storyline and never expected it to have the kind of effect it has had on readers. I suppose that’s a good thing.
Those who enjoy something a little more ‘quirky’ will probably enjoy Megalith, a strange and rather frivolous piece of work I wrote while in a particularly ‘outside the box’ mood. Again, it has had a positive effect on readers who have reported to me that they enjoyed the story, especially for its unusual and almost impossible but equally satisfying premise.
Do you think that your books could change the world in some way?
The short answer to that, in the most part, would be no. My novels and mysteries are intended to be read as pure entertainment and it makes me happy to think they bring a few hours of reading pleasure to those who buy and read them.
In the case of my dog rescue books however, I would like to think that they might encourage those who read them to spare a thought for all the abused and neglected dogs in the world and maybe, just maybe, the next time they are thinking of buying a dog, they might consider adopting a rescue dog from their local animal shelter or sanctuary. Saving one dog’s life might not change the world, but it WILL change that particular dog’s life, for ever.
How can our readers find out more about you and your books?
Readers can obviously visit my author page at any Amazon website. For your Italian readers that would be at
I also have a website at
I’m also on Facebook, as Harry Porter at
Thank you for talking to me Brian and I wish you continued success in your writing and in your dog rescue work.
Thank you for inviting me to talk with you, Elisabetta. It has been a pleasure and a privilege. I hope your readers enjoyed the interview and I wish them all…Happy reading, ciao!